Everything After is Building

In his mind

She touches his face

And the gasp

Followed by his tears

Soak into the pavement

He knows

Between man and woman

This is as honest

As they will ever be

To one another.


David Burdett


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To love

To shared experience

To the occasional personal attack

The assassination of opinion & character

A quick shove to the chest

Answered back with a smile that says

The first one is free

Don’t let it happen again

The monster of love carries you out of the circle

You have been crawling around in since the day you were crippled

It watches you attempt & fail

To see you rise with a hatred so primal it stains the air

You would refuse-

But one step taken forward cannot be taken back

Ending the way it began

To love.


David Burdett

January 2014

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My Year of Jubilee

Somebody stole my bicycle
I left my woman and relocated to the moon
My best friend died
It’s high time for a change
A ten gallon Stetson & some spurs
That jingle jangle jingle
And a bottle of Jack
Out the door
I’m gonna stomp a sissy
Everyone needs an outlet.

David Burdett
December 31, 2013

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Got an extra cigarette?
Think you could help me out with a couple of bucks?
Hey can I ask you a question?
Got an extra cigarette?
Got had for 20 bucks on some faux-heroin
Dear mother of mercy
I haven’t seen the sun in weeks
Do you think-
I mean could you please-

David Burdett
December 31, 2013

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Expressions, Symbols & Metaphors

Yesterday some carrot top son of a bitch dipped into traffic
He came out of nowhere
I almost nailed his ass
Birds were flipped and the timeless invitations exchanged
Fuck you!
Said we to one another
I’ll transform your stupid ass into a hood ornament
I growled as a wagged my head and stabbed and steered
You get what you pay for.
David Burdett
September 27, 2013

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Yank it.

So no yanking?
No pulling?
We prefer the term ‘Extraction’
I sat corrected
Never argue with the dentist
When the petal’s to the metal
And the driller
Has a zero tolerance policy
For the rotted.

David Burdett
September 25, 2013

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Ghandi once said that every night he died
And that every morning he was re-born
I do something
Apples and oranges
Every night I pray for a Ghandi death
And every morning I awake
To the rote municipalities
Of another
Dull thud ache day
Something in me won’t stop pounding.

David Burdett
September 10, 2013

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